The mental health and wellbeing of staff within your organisation has never been more in the spotlight.  The workplace plays a huge role in employees' mental health. The office setting has the power to help you build the mental strength to fulfil your potential, yet also has the power to take a serious toll on your psychological wellbeing.

·       Currently in the UK, one third of days taken off work through illness in the UK are a direct result of work-related pressure or stress.

·       This rises to as high as three quarters of days taken off work through illness by Health Professionals (Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Vets).

·       The average number of days taken off work due to work-related pressure or stress is higher among the 45-54s (5.2 days per year.

The evidence highlights how critical it is for businesses to start taking mental health and wellbeing seriously:

·       Mental health costs the UK £70bn per year, equivalent to 4.5% of GDP (OECD)

·       Mental ill-health costs each employer £1,035 per employee, per year (Sainsbury Centre for mental health)

·       There were 15.8m sick days last year due to stress, anxiety or depression (Office for national Statistics). However, given people’s lack of willingness to admit mental illness to their employer, the true figure, is estimated to be 70 million (Mental Health Foundation & the UK’s Chief Medical Officer).

·       Poor mental health has major repercussions for employers; increased staff turnover, lost productivity, decreased motivation, burnout and exhaustion, and sickness and absence

·       Only 2 in 5 employees are working at peak performance (CIPD)

·       Almost half of all UK national absenteeism and incapacity claims are due to mental illness.

Companies of all shapes and sizes increasingly understand the importance of good mental health, but many simply don’t feel confident handling and communicating these issues in the workplace. At brightcore consultancy we have the skills, experience and qualifications to support your organisation in creating a culture of wellness and to be put health, resilience and wellbeing at the very core of your organisation; enabling both staff and business to thrive and excel.