Staff Training

At brightcore consultancy we are passionate about the importance of promoting positive Mental Health and Wellbeing and the overwhelming impact that effective provision in this field can provide for the young people and staff in your setting. Effective staff training on identifying and supporting young people and adults suffering from Mental Health issues plays a key role in successfully safeguarding many of those in our care.

We offer a number of training courses for staff aimed at raising awareness and understanding of Mental Health issues together with strategies for supporting the young people in your setting Ranging from whole staff INSET training to small group workshops. We also offer a number of courses aimed at promoting Staff Wellbeing and Student Wellbeing.

Staff Training

Mental Health First Aid Training:

This certificated course can be provided on-site to a number of key staff involved in supporting young people or in raising awareness of Mental Health Issues. Having a number of MHFA qualified staff provides an additional level of support beyond just the Mental Health Lead and AEN / SEN support teams and is an excellent way for schools and colleges to be more effective in their provision. This programme is hugely engaging for schools and colleges, and when combined with an active Mental Health Strategy provides for an effective and dynamic mentoring systems for both students and staff.

Other Courses we offer:

  • ·Mental Health and Wellbeing – an introduction to the nature of Mental Health issues in educational setting
  • Childhood Adversity and Trauma; the impact on Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools
  • Initial Teacher Training workshops on Mental Health and Wellbeing (supporting the latest framework of content and the Mental Health Strand of the Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund).
  • Support strategies for:
    • Anxiety
    • Anger Management
    •  Depression
    • Low Self-Esteem
    • Poor Behaviour
    • Self-Harm
    • Gaming Addiction