The Mental Health and Wellbeing of both students and staff has never been more in the spotlight. The publication of the recent governmental Green Paper ‘Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health’ aims prioritise the need to support educational institutions in addressing Mental Health issues and working collaboratively with specialist Mental Health support agencies in order to effectively safeguard those in their care. The Paper also recommends that a senior leader in each setting be appointed as a Designated Senior Lead for Mental Health (DSLMH).

At brightcore consultancy we have the skills, experience and qualifications to deliver a range of offers to support your institution in being highly effective in providing for the mental health needs of your students and staff.

I was impressed with Oliver’s depth of knowledge and ability to pull relevant and current research together to form a coherent and informative overview of mental health issues for young people.
— Charlotte Krivosic – Chair of WSCB Practitioner's Network
Ollie Welsby was truly excellent. He was clear, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very approachable. Having a small group of people on the course meant that I was willing to participate more readily. His experience, advice and passion for the subject was inspiring.
— Nicki Rhodes, Head of Upper School & DSL-MH, Finton House School