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Three members of staff during a mental health and wellbeing review

Mental Health and Wellbeing Review

A Bespoke External Review

Our bespoke and highly-rated Mental Health and Wellbeing Review service enables you to independently evaluate and improve the mental health and wellbeing provision within your organisation. The aim is to support settings in understanding their current position in relation to the effectiveness of their mental health and wellbeing provision, the links to safeguarding and the requirements around Health Education and RSE within their curriculum. The core purpose is to provide expert support and develop an individual high-quality improvement plan to form part of your wider strategic development and to ensure that you confidently develop a comprehensive and cost-effective long term improvement strategy.

What does a full Mental Health and Wellbeing Review look like?

We can tailor the review process to meet your specific requirements however our standard full mental health review is incredibly thorough and involves a three-day process (including a full day on site):


1. A pre-visit review of your website and all available policies and documents that relate to mental health and wellbeing

2. A review of your Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy (submitted either in advance or on the day) 

3. Meetings with the Designated Senior Mental Health Lead, the DSL, the Head of IT / Digital Wellbeing Lead, the Mental Health/Wellbeing Governor/Trustee, the PSHE/RSHE curriculum lead, the Pastoral/Pupil Voice Lead, the SENDCO & the DT-LAC, A sample of teaching staff, a sample of support staff and different groups of pupils/students. 

4. A review of documentation including case management & the recording of concerns, training logs, Health and Safety Policy, Medical Needs Policy, Attendance Policy, LAC Policy, Anti-Bullying Policy, Physical Intervention Policy, and the Online Safety Policy and Agreement Forms (These policies will all be reviewed in advance if they are available on your website).

5. A review of the way the school manages the mental health and wellbeing agenda, including roles, responsibilities (and whether they translate across into job descriptions).

6. A review of the mental health and wellbeing arrangements on-site (protocols, displays, information sheets, information sharing etc.)

7. Following the review, you will receive (within an agreed timeframe - usually 1 week) a full written report summarising the key findings and action points from each of the meetings / review areas together with an additional report covering each of the 100+ aspects covered during the review (RAG rated and with any action points and/or good practice recommendations outlined).

8. A follow-up call / virtual meeting to discuss the reports in further detail, should you wish.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about any of the above.

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