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Safer Internet Day 2024: Brightcore Consultancy's Online Safety Top Tips for Schools & Colleges

On this Safer Internet Day 2024, Brightcore Consultancy is delighted to present our top tips for Schools and Colleges to enhance online safety and promote digital wellbeing among students. At Brightcore Consultancy we understand the importance of equipping students with the skills and knowledge to navigate the digital world safely.

Here are some practical strategies to consider:

Educate Students on Digital Literacy

Equip students with critical thinking skills to assess online information's credibility and relevance. Teach them to recognise between trustworthy sources and misinformation, empowering them to make informed decisions online.

Promote Open Communication

Foster a culture of open dialogue between students and trusted adults about their online experiences. Encourage students to share any concerns or encounters with inappropriate content, ensuring they feel supported and valued.

Students using tablet

Set Clear Boundaries

Establish clear guidelines for acceptable online behaviour, including respectful communication, responsible social media use, and appropriate content consumption. Define consequences for breaching these boundaries, reinforcing accountability and digital citizenship.

Teach Cybersecurity Practices

Educate students on cybersecurity essentials, such as creating strong passwords, safeguarding personal information, and identifying online threats like phishing scams and malware. Empower them to protect themselves and their devices against cyber risks effectively.

Students learning online safety

Empower Students to be Upstanders

Encourage students to stand up to cyberbullying and support their peers experiencing online harassment. Teach them empathy and resilience, emphasising the importance of kindness and inclusivity in digital interactions.

Provide Ongoing Online Safety Training

Offer regular online safety sessions for students, parents, and staff to stay up to date with evolving online risks and safety strategies. Brightcore Consultancy offers online safety workshops tailored to each school/college’s unique needs, ensuring comprehensive education on digital safety practices for staff and parents.

By implementing these tips, Schools and Colleges can cultivate a safer and more positive online environment, empowering students to navigate the digital world responsibly and confidently.

Together, let's champion digital wellbeing and promote a culture of online safety on Safer Internet Day and beyond.

If you are interested in exploring any of our mental health and safeguarding training courses or consultancy support please visit our services page or get in touch.


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