Parent/Carer Workshops

Getting the full support of parents and carers can be crucial in ensuring highly effective safeguarding. Providing parents with current information, advice and practical strategies to safeguard in the home environment and to support their children’s wellbeing.

Parental Workshops

What we offer:

We can deliver effective, engaging and vital content to meet your identified needs And offer bespoke parental seminars, training, information sessions and workshops on each of the following topics:

  •  Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Stress Management 
  • Online Safety
  • Safeguarding: Practical protective measures for parents to protect their children (including risks, how abusers operate and how to act on concerns)
  • Family Safety Plans (advice on how to create a safer environment within the home)
  • Prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation (how it occurs, spotting the signs, preventative actions and acting on concerns)
  • Sexual Development in Pre- and Post-Pubescent Children (building confidence in understanding healthy, developmentally expected behaviours)