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Parental Workshops

Supporting parents

We offer parental workshops/ information sessions on a range of topics for schools and colleges who wish to arrange them to support their parent body.  Parent sessions usually run for 1.5 hours (with 1hr 15min content and then 15 min Q&A) but can be longer or shorter to suit your requirements. 

All of our parent sessions are focused on the latest research and guidance, and provide practical ideas and support strategies for parents to utilise. We are happy to deliver these sessions either face-to-face or live-online (or a combination of both, in a mixed media format). We tend to find most schools/colleges are opting for an evening live-online session at the moment so that parents can log in from home, which eliminates child care/access issues etc. but we are more than happy to deliver in whichever format suits your requirements (including early face-to-face sessions after the morning drop off, for example).

A Guide to Our Parent Workshops:

  • The Changing Online World – including online safety and the changing nature of risk in this area (including gaming).

  • Online technology and the links with mental health and wellbeing 

  • Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment – what we should know as parents about the current situation

  • Mental Health Awareness an overview of what has changed for our children and how best to support positive mental health  

  • Understanding and responding to exam-related anxiety

  • Stress Management & Maintaining Balance: Academic Performance and Wellbeing

  • Understanding Anxiety – Including a range of practical support strategies

  • Understanding Self-Harm & Eating disorders - Including a range of practical support strategies

  • Understanding Depression & Low Self-Esteem – Including a range of practical support strategies

  • Understanding the Teenage Brain

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about any of the above.

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