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Strategic Support 

Support for DSLs, DSMHLs and SLTs

At brightcore consultancy, we regularly provide bespoke strategic support to support the many schools and colleges that we work with. As you might expect, all of our consultants are highly experienced experts in their field, and therefore whether you are a DSL, DSMHL , Whole Senior Leadership Team or Governor/Trustee, you’ll only receive support from someone who has considerable experience and expertise in that role as well as the field you are looking for support in. 

We can happily tailor strategic support to your requirements; ranging from one-hour support calls/zoom meetings to half-days or full days on site, and even right through to long-term project support.

Many of our clients build in a number of hours of strategic support into their regular Service Level Agreements with us.

Strategic support services:

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about any of the above.

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