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CQI Policy

Brightcore Consultancy constantly monitors the quality of its courses, training and consultancy support provision to ensure they are of the highest quality and meet all statutory requirements, where applicable. Our courses are continuously reviewed and modified based on updated research, delegate/customer feedback, and any new statutory guidance.


  1. Ensure delegate / customer educational experiences are appropriately linked to the objectives of each particular course / support provision and that these experiences are designed to promote attainment of these objectives and related competencies.

  2. Ensure any accredited courses respect all the accreditation requirements and / or learning outcomes as outlined by the accrediting body.

  3. Ensure consistency of experience and standard of delivery between all trainers and consultants working for or on behalf of Brightcore Consultancy by evaluating and improving the quality of courses and provision in a timely manner

  4. Ensure that the outcomes of the varied processes outlined in objectives 1-3 above fuel ongoing improvements.


Core Principles

For each aspect of our provision:

  1. We Look at the system and its processes. Most problems are found in processes, not in people. We seek solutions to produce the best outcome, instead of blaming people for problems that arise. Problems occur because of poor design, unclear instructions, or poor leadership.

  2. We use statistical analysis to identify and detail problems and strengths.

  3. Quality improvement is the purview of the whole team, not just the consultant / trainer.

  4. We empower all stakeholders to identify problems and opportunities for improvement, and to develop and present solutions.

  5. All data that is gathered, stored and processed will be done so in accordance with the Privacy and Data Collection Policy.


Quality Standards for the Delivery of Courses:

The following standards set out a “minimum entitlement” for all learners on programmes with Brightcore Consultancy. All standards are subject to regular quality assurance monitoring to ensure that they are fully met.

  1. Initial advice and guidance: All learners will be provided with sufficient information to ensure that they can make well informed course choices.

  2. All learners will have access to impartial information and advice prior to enrolment.

  3. All learners will be informed of any eligibility criteria for enrolment/service provision. Such criteria will be clearly set out and will be both fair and equitable.

  4. All learners will receive an induction at the start of their course which will incorporate health and safety, safeguarding and equal opportunities.


Teaching and structured learning

1. All courses and structured learning sessions will be planned in advance by trainers.

2. Trainers will explain course content, expectations and identify learning goals as part of initial induction.

3. Trainers will hold relevant teaching and support qualifications and have the appropriate

knowledge, skills and experience in their subject areas.

4. Sessions/courses will be delivered using appropriate methods and resources at an

appropriate pace.

5. Trainers will identify and meet learners’ individual needs and requirements.

6. Learning environments will be matched to learner need and managed effectively.

7. All venues will have good access to appropriate resources and facilities. Health and safety

requirements will be monitored and fully met.

8. Trainers will work to ensure that learners feel safe and are protected within their learning

environment and are involved in and aware of their own rights and responsibilities in relation to safety.

9. There is equality of opportunity with regard to recruitment, enrolment and access to Brightcore Consultancy products and services subject to contract conditions and limitations.



1. Learners will be given information, advice and guidance by staff who are appropriately skilled, experienced and knowledgeable.

2. All structured advice sessions will be planned in advance by trainers / consultants.

3. Trainers will explain the guidance process, expectations and clarify objectives in group sessions and/or one to one interviews.

4. Guidance sessions will be delivered using appropriate methods and resources at an

appropriate pace.

5. Trainers will identify and meet learners’ individual needs and requirements.

6. Guidance venues will be matched to learner need and managed effectively.


Assessment and monitoring of progress

1. All learners will receive an initial assessment of their needs which will be used as a basis for planning learning and support. This will be gathered via pre course registration forms.

2. Learning and guidance support will be monitored to enable regular feedback to be given to learners about their progress and achievement and what they have to do to improve.

3. All achievements towards learning, qualification and/or other goals will be recorded and accredited where appropriate.

4. Learner Feedback will be used to guide course development, where applicable.

5. All assessment, certification and moderation procedures will meet awarding body requirements, where applicable.


Achieving objectives

  1. All learners will be confident of their progress and will receive support to reach their goals.

  2. Learners will work towards their identified aims and learning outcomes wherever appropriate for their goals and needs.

  3. All individuals will achieve an appropriate level of information, advice, guidance, knowledge, skills and understanding to meet their identified aims and learning outcomes.

  4. All individuals will be supported to demonstrate personal development.

  5. All individuals will be supported and encouraged to achieve their goals and progress further.

  6. All learners will demonstrate high levels of satisfaction.


Support for learners

  1. All learners will receive adequate information about what Brightcore Consultancy can offer.

  2. All learners will receive appropriate information, advice and guidance prior to, during and on completion of their programme/course.

  3. Resources will be targeted to provide additional holistic, person-centre support where it is most appropriate and to learners most in need within contract and budget constraints.

  4. Brightcore Consultancy will use effective outreach and marketing strategies so as to widen participation.

  5. Brightcore Consultancy will maintain links with external agencies including other providers, voluntary organisations and community groups to enable the provision of additional or specialist support for learners where appropriate.

Quality Assurance

Brightcore Consultancy will:

  1. Regularly collect and analyse the views of its learners. Information gathered will be used to bring about improvements to the services that we offer.

  2. Collect, analyse and use feedback from learners, customers, trainers and consultants to bring about improvements to courses and services we provide

  3. Arrange for suitably qualified, experiences and trained staff to observe other members of staff as they work with learners, against pre-determined criteria. Written feedback will be provided to staff. The results of observations will be used to inform staff appraisal and development plans.

  4. Produce written policies and procedures for staff to follow which clearly define:

    1. how key learning processes are to be carried out with learners

    2. health and safety and safeguarding arrangements for learners

    3. the promotion and monitoring of equality and diversity

  5. Audit and review key documents, processes and procedures to ensure they meet the needs of learners, the organisation and where appropriate the requirements of legislation.

  6. Check at regular intervals that policies, procedures and other guidelines are being adhered to by all staff

  7. Have systems in place to ensure that we consistently meet the requirements of any external bodies with which we hold accreditation

  8. Have arrangements in place to support the collection and analysis of learner / customer feedback and regularly analyse this information to identify areas for individual and organisational improvement.

  9. Conduct self-assessment within our individual organisations. Self-assessment will result in a plan which is used to guide quality improvement activity.

  10. Have arrangements in place to monitor staff performance and to conduct regular appraisals which lead to the setting of targets and the identification of opportunities for continued professional development.

Policy reviewed 11/11/23

Date of next Review 11/11/24

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