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Wellbeing Champion Training

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At Brightcore Consultancy our team of expert facilitators regularly deliver Wellbeing Champion Training in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and FE Colleges.


Wellbeing Champions promote and support mental health and wellbeing throughout the school/college community in an age appropriate way. Your selected group of pupils/students learn to champion the wellbeing of their peers and lead by example, by sharing healthy habits that contribute to improved mental health, with an option to act as peer mentors depending on your plan for your Wellbeing Champions.

Aside from being an amazing opportunity to lead on the improvement of wellbeing for their entire School/College community, for many young people, being a Wellbeing Champion also increases their confidence, self esteem and key skills such as leadership, communication and empathy.

Find out below how we create and deliver this training for your unique setting, from the initial consultation through to your Wellbeing Champions being fully operational and confident in their new role.

What we offer

We offer two different options for Schools and Colleges to choose from when training Wellbeing Champions; Standard Wellbeing Champion Training and Wellbeing Champion Training Plus.


The Standard Wellbeing Champion Training programme is suitable for Schools and Colleges who have a clear understanding of the role they would like their Wellbeing Champions to fulfill and usually consists of a full day of training on site for your Champions.


The Wellbeing Champion Training Plus programme is more suited to Schools and Colleges who would like support in establishing a a bespoke, personalised and guided approach, with ongoing support. This usually consists of a 2.5 day programme but can vary according to your requirements, see below for further details.

Standard Wellbeing Champion Training

Wellbeing Champion Training Plus

The Standard Wellbeing Champion package includes:

  • A full day on site, training up to 30 Wellbeing Champions of your choosing

  • A course booklet for each pupil/student

  • Creation of Wellbeing Champion Profiles

  • Development of individual Wellbeing Toolkits 

  • Scenario based learning aimed at enhancing: 

    • Knowledge and confidence around promoting wellbeing

    • Listening skills

    • Understanding emotions & the relationship between thoughts, feelings & behaviours

    • Reflective and supportive conversations between pupils/students

    • Youth leadership opportunities and team building

    • Safeguarding awareness

  • Creation of a Wellbeing Champion Action Plan based on feedback from the day

Cost: £600+VAT

Wellbeing Champion Training Plus is a more personalised package that involves us gathering pupil/student voice in order to inform a bespoke training and support approach. This package can include everything from the standard package, as well as:

  • Consultation meeting to discuss your requirements and to design a personalised training programme for your setting

  • Pupil/Student voice collection, working parties and summary report

  • Feedback-informed development programme and additional support resources 

  • Optional annual check-in

  • Subsidised rates for additional wellbeing support services (e.g MHFA accredited training post 16, Whole School/College Mental Health & Wellbeing Review etc).

And more.....

Cost: Starting from £900+VAT (Dependent on individual requirements)

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