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 Equality Policy and Course Accessibility Statement

 Brightcore Consultancy:

·  is committed to pursue a positive strategy that goes beyond an undertaking not to discriminate or oppress.

·  recognises its influence and seeks to offer positive contribution to the fulfilment of human potential.

·  is opposed to any display of prejudice, either by word or conduct, by any of its representatives.

·  seeks to develop its role and encourage a greater awareness and knowledge of equal opportunities issues in the delivery of training.

·  aims to promote high standards with reference to all aspects of equal opportunities practice.

Brightcore Consultancy aims to be an inclusive organisation where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, and where there is equal opportunity for all. We respect and value the diversity of our staff, trainers and delegates. This means that all our staff, trainers and delegates should understand and respect that we are a diverse work force and community and that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and equality. This includes the legal and ethical requirement for Brightcore Consultancy to provide training and conditions of employment that are appropriate to the needs of a diverse society. Valuing diversity means that we recognise that we all have complex identities made up of many strands. These can include, but are not limited to, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical and metal aptitudes, nationality, socio-economic status, and religious, political, or other beliefs. This means we embrace and celebrate our differences in a positive environment and are committed to engage with the needs of our diverse staff and users to enable us, both individually and corporately, to achieve our aims.

Brightcore Consultancy will tackle barriers to participation and create a culture in which equal opportunities and equal treatment are a priority for all staff, trainers and delegates. In the recruitment, training, pay and management of staff, and in all our day-to-day work with both colleagues and delegates, we seek to create an environment where attitudes and biases that hinder the progress of individuals and groups are dismantled and where we work together in mutual respect and tolerance.

Accessibility and access for any of our courses:

To ensure that our training courses meet the accessibility needs of learners, including satisfying statutory requirements for equalities, when registering for any of our courses, registrants will have the option to choose whether they have any specific access requirements in order to be able to access that course fully, whether online or in person. We will then contact each of those delegates individually to ensure that their accessibility arrangements are met, by for example:

  • providing PDF forms that will be accessible to screen readers, or

  • providing strong colour contrast and / or large print materials, to support visually impaired delegates, or

  • recorded resources available with text transcript.


Accessibility for our online courses:

All our online courses are instructor led and delivered live via Zoom which is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Zoom is compliant in:

  • WCAG 2.1 AA Standards

  • Revised Section 508 Standards

  • EN 301 549 Accessibility requirements

Further details can be found here

  • Zoom puts users front and center, driving inclusivity for everyone. They listen to customers and are continually looking for ways to build the very best, most accessible communications experience.

  • Real-time interaction: Live transcriptions, so you don’t fall behind in the conversation

  • Complete experience: Going beyond in-meeting support with post-meeting functionality, such as recording highlights and search

  • Auto-generated captions: Zoom meetings and webinars automatically provide live captioning.

  • Manual captions: Assign someone to type captions during the meeting.

  • Third-party captioning: Zoom integrates seamlessly with third-party closed captioning providers using our Closed Captioning REST API

  • Multi-spotlight: A meeting host can spotlight the sign language interpreter so they are always in view for everyone

  • Multi-pinning: Select the meeting participants you wish to prioritize and pin them for your own custom view.

  • Re-arrange Gallery View: Create your own view by clicking and dragging video tiles.

Accessibility Settings on Zoom:

  • Display Settings - Delegates can customize the font size of chat and captions

  • Keyboard Accessibility - Delegates can control their Zoom experience with just a keyboard. Zoom supports Keyboard Shortcuts for easy navigation.

  • Screen Reader Support - Delegates can use Zoom with a screen reader and customize the audible announcements they want to hear with granular control over screen reader alerts.


Policy reviewed 11/11/23

Date of next Review 11/11/24

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